Scout Communication

Troop-to-Scout Communication via Texts
2012 April: The troop would like to establish better electronic communication with scouts and wants to try text messaging.
Such messages would likely be short action-oriented notes
broadcast to the entire troop like “Please submit your online vote
for troop elections at” or scheduling
changes like “tonight’s PLC meeting is canceled”. Email works
well for parents, but it turns out not so well for most scouts.
As such, we’d like to have the ability to send text messages
directly to scout cell phones (if available).
Any such text messages sent to scouts will also be sent to parents via email--electronic two-deep leadership.

Scouts: To receive such text communication from the troop,
please click on the highlighted link below to open an online
form that will request the following information:
     1. Scout name and patrol,
     2. Scout cell phone number and carrier
         (only if the cell phone is capable of receiving texts), and
     3. Parent(s) name(s) and email address(es).
Information collected will not be visible to, or shared with,
others beyond the troop's adult leadership team.
If you don't want to participate, we'd still like to hear from you--and there's a spot for you to record your preference.